About me (informal way)

Hi, I am Alex Lugovskoy. And this is (more or less) what I look like:

(Well, more exactly, this is how I looked like some years ago. Anyway, some similarity has been retained.)

What you see on the right, is a vertical tube atmosphere furnace STF by Carbolite. What you see just before me, is a potentiostat-galvanostat by Autolab. These two guys are the main instruments in my research. There are, however, some more:

We often use Electron Microscopes. Here is an old one (SEM JEOL - JSM 35 CF), we do not use it anymore, but this old guy has contributed so much that I feel it deserves at least one photo:

SEM Jeole

When I am not working on an instrument, not going to a conference and not posting something on a web-site, I usually teach students any kinds of stuff close to Material Science and Engineering. Like this: