I would like to comment a post on this web-site. Is it possible?

Yes. Commenting is open for registered users. Therefore, you will have to register and then you are allowed to comment anything on this site.


How can I register?

You should write me a short letter with a couple of words about who you are and for what would you like to register. Here is the CONTACT FORM for the creation of your letter. Please don't forget to specify the nickname (username) you would like to have on this site.


Why can't I register automatically without any letters - as is normally done on many other sites?

The answer is simple: spammers. I am so tired of them and I don't want to use any kinds of anti-spam measures.

Please just write a couple of words to make me understand you are a human being (spammers are not, even if a physician may testify they are).


What happens after I send a request for registration?

As soon as I receive it (normally in less that 24 hours, but please take into account than sometimes I may be on a trip, sick or just too busy), I will register you. After that I will send you a mail with your temporary password. Please change this password as soon as possible after you receive my mail. And that's all: now you are a registered user. Welcome to club!