An update from Ivium

A couple of months ago I received an e-mail from Danny Shahar (the representative of Ivium in Israel), in which he wrote to me about two interesting facts. The first fact was that Ivium Technologies read my blog. And the second fact was that they have considered my criticism concerning the drawbacks of their software for the fitting of EIS results and updated the software.

In spite of these news being exciting, I could not find some time to test the updated Iviumsoft until today Danny visited me personally and made me do it by (not too rude) force. After the test I have to declare that the updated Iviumsoft 2.509 is significantly more convenient and comfortable for the analysis of impedance. Dear guys from Eindhoven, please accept my most sincere gratitude!

And, by the way, this software is still free... So I am starting to feel some disappointment about my having paid for ZSimWin...